Avoiding Back Pain When Raking Your Leaves

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Fall brings lots of beautiful colored leaves to our trees, but it also means those same leaves end up in your yard. When the leaves pile up in your yard, that means it’s time to rake. It’s important that when you are raking you’re taking care of your back because if you don’t, it could lead to back pain. Here are some tips for avoiding back pain when raking your leaves:

  • Maintain good posture: Maintaining good posture when you’re raking is important for your back because it helps to prevent any extra weight on your spine which helps to prevent back pain.
  • Take breaks: Taking breaks while raking is important because you will get tired from time to time and it’s important to give your back a rest. 
  • Stay hydrated: Raking requires physical labor so it’s important that you stay hydrated so that your body can function efficiently.